Venue Food

A Breakfast and  lunch will be provided at the venue and is included with your ticket!  
Vegetarian  and low-carb options are available. 

A variety of coffee, various forms of hot/cold liquid and snacks will be available all day. 


Closing Party

Please join us at our AMAZING after-party! Open bar and free food… need we say more? ;)    

It is only 2 blocks away at JJ Bootleggers! (sponsored and organized by CandiDate

The event will be held Saturday evening after closing remarks and is free for all LibertyJS attendees!

There will be make-your-own taco bar, gourmet mac & cheese, and an open beer and wine bar. 

There will also be complimentary cocktails of Makers Mark and Effen Vodka, provided by our sponsor, Beam Suntory!

We really hope to see your more educated and smiley faces there!



Know we plan to feed you quite well at the event so give us a peek first!

However, there are three places within one block, at least to get your espresso fix or take a quick peek around old city. A deli-convenience store is by the 2nd street station. The area is also almost completely populated by restaurants so finding food won't be an issue. 



Some local hotels below, there is also a hostel nearby as well as many bed and breakfasts, inns and motels. 



Remember our party is Saturday!  

On Friday, present your LibertyJS lanyard at National Mechanics for Happy Hour discounts all day. $1 off draft pints and wine glasses, $2 off special cocktails, and $3 off draft pitchers and wine bottles.

Worthwhile ideas for fun on other days/nights can be found at uwishunu and visitphilly

Our local newspaper, The Inquirer, website is

You are within a three block walking distance of a lot of history and tour possibilities, as well as a little bit of our version of waterfront fun and outdoor pop up beer gardens. 



We have three intersecting systems here: Amtrack lands you at 3oth street station and thats the only philly related stop.

Regional rail has some overlap with septa system but is primarily for suburban-to-city(& back) transportation. It intersects from 30th street to 11th street. Which is 3 stops. 

SEPTA Is buses, trolleys the market-frankford line which goes east-west and the broad street line which goes north-south. NOT ALL STATIONS SELL TOKENS. However all will accept cash. It cost 2.25  a ride, and $1.00 to transfer. Jefferson and 30th street should sell tokens but keep some cash on you unless you like to uber for simplicity's sake.

Google maps is your best friend for navigation. :) 

Chemical Heritage is in Old city near the 2nd street station on the Septa Market-Frankford line (otherwise known as the El or MFL ) and the station is one block north from the event.

For reference MFL map:

All will accept cash. It cost 2.25  a ride, and $1.00 to transfer you ask for when you pay your original entry i think a transfer is good for a day? and works across the Septa system aka buses mfl and broad street line and trolleys.

Regional rail is a separate system. see above.



A parking area & a garage are on the left side of 2nd St within a block above & below the event, and i believe a scooter/motorcycle corral is nearby too. They are super easy to miss though, so park where you can and R-E-S-P-E-C-T any time limits - our parking authority loves loves loves to ticket people.

We have yellow central kiosks for street parking so look toward the middle of the block and put your receipt in your front window. More specific info for parking at:

Below is the map of parking lots: