Chemical Heritage Foundation


315 Chestnut St, Philadelphia Pa.

To foster dialogue on science and technology in society.

CHF’s staff and fellows study the past in order to understand the present and inform the future. CHF focuses on the sciences and technologies of matter and materials and their effect on our modern world, in territory ranging from the physical sciences and industries, through the chemical sciences and engineering, to the life sciences and technologies. 

CHF collects, preserves, and exhibits historical artifacts. They engage communities of scientists and engineers. We tell the stories of the people behind breakthroughs and innovations.

There is also a really cool museum inside, check it out while you are here:


Chemical Heritage is in Old city near the 2nd street station on the septa Market-Frankford  line (otherwise known as the El) and the station is one block north from the event.

A parking area & a garage are on the left side of  2nd within a block above & below the event, and i believe a scooter/motorcycle corral is nearby too. They are super easy to miss, tho so park whee you can and R-E-S-P-E-C-T any time limits - our parking authority loves loves loves to ticket people.

We have yellow central kiosks for street parking so look toward the middle of the block and put your receipt in your front window. More specific info for parking at: